Monday, 4 March 2013

Review: Beautiful Creatures and Safe Haven

Hello my lovely ladies! Hopefully I can do more regular posts this week, had such a depressive week last week and it was really hard for me to do anything.

So, I couldn't really decide what item to review today that you would find interesting and I;m getting the "Cinderella" of creams for easter so i'll review that when i've had a good use of it! So I decided to do another film review of some recent films!

So first is Beautiful Creatures and I've got to say I did loved it, I've just ordered the book (which I wish i'd have done first) It's very much my sort of film, It's a love story but which immortal creatures (well witches)! I loved the main characters and the deep southern accent of the main male role, who is super duper cute by the way! Anyone who enjoyed the Twilight Saga will definitely love this!

Next is Safe Haven.  I love Nicholas Sparks and The Notebook is one of my top five favorite films, so this was a must see for me!  I enjoyed this film anyone, it was very much a typical love story which I still enjoyed and then woah! The ending changed everything and was such a twist in the story, you will not be expecting it! Or if you do, you are a very clever person ;)

I enjoyed both films and really looking forward to the next Beautiful Creatures film!

Sorry this was quite brief!  FINALLY going to see Wreck it Ralph some time this week and maybe Mama if I'm not too afraid! ehe

See you soon!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

27th February: OOTD

Hey lovelies!

Not been very good this week but I've really been feeling down but I thought I'd get back on it today and if I've got time i'll try and do my Wednesday wish list too!

SO this outfit I wore today was for a meeting a lady who I'm doing some Event Management work for and it's really exciting as I am going to be helping the Women of the Year event and the Birmingham Metropole Hotel, which is a stunning place, I was blown away.

But onto the outfit I wanted to wear something smart/casual and I ending up loving this outfit.

These pictures are really bad by the way, I just didn't know how else to take them!

 So basically this is just a Topshop maxi skirt which I wear all the time and it was a steal for £18! And a simple black vest top which I also wear all the time.  Probably my two essentials!
 Then I put this gorgeous leopard jacket over the top which is actually my mums aha! I'm obsessed with it, keep hoping she will give it me! I think she got it from TKMaxx a while ago but I don't recognize the brand but its sort of a thin linen jacket not a normal "denim" jacket
Then finally I added this ASOS belt which I got for Christmas, and its just a black leather belt with these gold crosses all around it. For shoes a wore some black ballet shoes which are covered in spike studs and finally for accessories I wore my rose gold Michael Kors watch and some little ankh cross earrings!

So yep, thats basically it!

See you all soon my darlings!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Quick update

Hey guys, this is just going to be a quick update on something thats happened today and i'll do a full post about it when I feel up to it, but basically I had to have my dog put to sleep this morning and I feel like I have lost such a big part of my life, she was so precious to me and I think I'll miss her everyday.

It's stange losing someone who was such a big part of your life.  I'll write a post about her soon, she sure deserves it!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wishlist #2

Hey my lovelies! Its Wednesday wishlist time!  I'm in love with this weeks and seriously want everything so bad! So lets crack on eh?

1. The first is this gorgeous ASOS dress which you have seen in my competition entry for marb b and ASOS.  I just love it so much, it's so my style its crazy! I love midi dresses, dip dye and a flowered pattern all in one dress! WHAT?! crazy.  What you can't really see either is that the top half still has the flowered pattern just faintly! It is so lush.

2.  Next is this absolutely amazing shirt from JW Anderson for Topshop.  I just think its absolutely beautiful! Its a denim material on the front but the back is black, only one word, love. 

3. How freaking cute are these ASOS flats?! I think they are just adorable!

4. I'm a massive fan of skulls and above the knuckle rings, I myself have really wide fingers o most rings fit me as above the knuckle, good job thats in eh? But yeah these are some really cute ASOS ones in all different colours with skulls on, just yum!

5.  And finally I think Topshop nail varnishes are out of this world, I love how they come out the exact colour it tells you! So I think this one is just simply gorgeous and I may pick it up next time I'm in. 

Hope you liked this one, I know I sure did! (sorry this was up a day late, I forgot to upload it!)

Bye for now lovelies!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My weekly favorite YouTuber!

So I am a massive fan of the beauty gurus on Youtube and some daily vlogs as well so I thought i'd do a weekly "segment" and talk about one i've really been enjoying that week because there's so many!  I did try and write this all in one post but it was starting to get so long and I'm sure you would probably get bored of reading it, so I'm going to do it weekly instead!

So the first person I absolutely love is Lexi from sototallyvlog, she is one of my all time favorites and everytime I see that she's uploaded a new video I get a little excited! She also has an amazing blog which you can find here!

So as you can see she is stunning! I'm obsessed with her videos, I think its because she always has a mix of high street and high end in her videos, and when I say high end I'm taking Chanel, YSL and Louis Vuitton just to name a few!  Her personal style is out of this world, she has such confidence in herself and with what she wears it, and she is very inspiring to me.  I love watching her videos that include the high end products because it makes me lust over things that one day I hope i'll be able to afford! I only wish I could know her personally! *Fan girling* 

But honestly, she is fantastic and everyone who reads this, if you don't already, should go watch her videos!

She has everything from beauty, fashion, vlogs (which are great!) and even food videos, which always look so yummy! 

I'll try and make this the last post of the day, i'm just rolling them out!

eTail PR, Marc B & ASOS Competition

So this is a wishlist I created which has been inspired by the Marc B, Cheryl Camel bag, I think this bag is absolutely lovely!  Especially the quilting which is very Chanel.  Also I love the handle on the bag because its perfect to fit on your shoulder for a laid back casual look, and finally the colour! I've got to say I don't really own many nude bags but after seeing this I think its about time I invested in one!  Also check out the rest of Marb b's bags here!

The clothing and accesories I chose to go with this are all ASOS brand and i've got to say if I had to pick one item that my style fit with perfectly it would be this dress! Its a midi, dip dyed and patterned dress! What could be better? I'm in love with this dress and I will be purchasing it ready for spring/summer!

1.ASOS Smock Dress In Floral Dip Dye

I also think the shoes are something else I will purchase, I love how you'd be able to put them with anything from skirts, dresses and jeans! I especially love the metallic silver and studding, they also do these in black with gold studs! 

And as for accesories I am a lover of big statement earrings and I especially love these simple ones which i think go with the cool tones of the dress perfectly and as for the rings its a set of 3 adjustable rings so you can wear them normally or above knuckle! I already have these in rose gold and get so many complimets on them as they make a statement even though they are really plain! 

I personally love this outfit and I really am in love with all of the pieces, and would really love to win!

Why not enter yourself for a chance to win £75 with Marc b and £175 on ASOS! 
Competition is here!

See you soon lovelys!

50 things about me tag!

1.  I love indie acoustic music
2.  Films are a real passion of mine
3.  I work at an Odeon cinema (free, unlimited films! Yay)
4.  I'm from Sheffield but live in Birmingham while I am at university
5.  I miss my family way to much
6.  I am currently learning Spanish
7.  Going to carboots is one of my favorite things to do
8.  I'm an absolute book worm
9.  Michael Kors is my current favorite designer
10.  I'm 5'11 and a size 8 foot
11.  I plan on living in Spain one day
12.  I want a husband and children
13.  I think I'm a slight spend-a-holic
14.  My make-up collection is ridiculous
15.  I mostly buy high end make up products
16.  I am addicted to daytime TV (bargain hunt! woop)
17.  Apparently I have a very broad Sheffield accent
18.  I have two tattoos
19.  I am very impatient
20.  Depending on who you are, I can hold a grudge for a very long time
21.  I love charity shopping
22.  I also love DIY
23.  I am very much a person who believes in quality over quantity
24.  One day i want to travel around Europe on my own
25.  Disney takes over my life
26.  Baby pink is my favorite colour
27.  I haven't used a different bag since i got my Zara bucket bag in July 2012
28.  I don't look after my skin as well as i should
29.  Since i started uni all i want to do is sleep
30.  I'll be in Ayia Napa for my birthday this year on my first girls holiday
31.  My feet are always cold
32.  I love theatre/musicals
33.  I enjoy every genre of film
34.  I have a very diverse music taste
35.  I'm really bad at essay/report writing
36.  I am scared of the dark but i can't sleep with the the light on
37.  The only fizzy drink I like is fanta/ tango
38.  My favorite foods are cheese, salami and pesto
39.  I hope to marry an Italian man if possible
40.  I love doing my make-up
41.  I've been to Tenerife for new year for the last 4 years and will be going again this year
42.  I have been so fortunate in life to have what my parents are able to do for me
43.  My sister is 6 years younger than me
44.  I can be quite lazy
45.  I hate buying tights
46.  I have no real talents or hobbies
47.  I think Cath Kidston is overpriced and overrated
48.  I am obsessed with Temple run 2, campus life and candy crush apps
49.  Audrey Hepburn is a massive role model in my life
50. And number 50, My dog means everything to me but I'll be losing her this week (sorry to end it on a sad note)

So thats my first tag! Most of that is pointless and not sure why anyone would be interested in most of it! aha. Didn't take as long as I thought it would actually!

Farewell for now my lovelies